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At McNamara & Associates, we make sure that our clients are fully informed about our legal costs.

At the start of each matter, we will provide a written costs disclosure and agreement setting out details of our charges, both the legal costs and the 'out of pocket' expenses.

For some matters, like a standard sale or purchase of property, a lease or a Will, once we know what you require us to do, we will be able to provide you with a fixed fee setting out exactly what the legal costs will be for your matter. For other more complex matters such as Civil or Commercial Litigation, Family Law Matters, Defended Criminal Law matters and Family Provision Act claims (if you have been left out of a Will or left inadequate provision in a Will) it is not possible to precisely predict what the whole matter will eventually cost. The total cost could depend on when the claim is resolved or finalised - after a long drawn out application which is decided by the Court or by negotiation or mediation before the case reaches Court (for non criminal matters).

For many straightforward matters like conveyancing and simple Wills, the initial consultation is possible either by phone or in person. For other more complex matters such as Probate applications, Family Provision Act claims and complex Wills a personal meeting would be required.
Please feel free at any time to ask about our fees.   



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