Commercial & General Litigation Law

We are committed to assisting our clients with the early resolution of private disputes, be that through Mediation, Informal Resolution Conferences or Arbitration. Supporting with crisis management, conflict management, relationship development, facilitation and mediation. Helping you to understand your rights and offering effective guidance to help you stay out of court.

Increasingly a large amount of commercial dispute resolution matters are dealt with through various Tribunals. However, we also conduct litigation in the Local Court, District Court and the Supreme Court in its Common Law Division, in its Equity and Commercial Divisions.  Whatever type of litigation you require we can help.

Our Expertise/Services within Commercial & Litigation Law

McNamara & Associates can cater for all your commercial law needs and we provide a comprehensive range of legal services including:

Sales of Business Disputes

Debt Recovery

Shareholder Disputes

Building Disputes

Breach of Contract

Trade Practices Claims

Partnership & Directors Disputes



Restraints of Trade

Property Disputes


How can we assist in your legal matter?